1. Krieger + Söhne

Krieger + Söhne is a brand of personal hair care products designed to suit all hair types and lifestyles. Formulated with natural ingredients to nourish, revitalize and maintain great-looking hair, krieger + söhne hair care products are packaged so it is easy to use everyday, keep at home or carry in a personal care kit. Krieger & Sohne’s top-selling product isn’t designed for a single hair and scalp type.

Krieger + Söhne is a brand

Krieger + Söhne is a brand

Instead, it works for men who have thick hair, thinning hair, dry scalp, oily scalp – you get the picture.
Designed specifically for the modern man who demands the best, Krieger + Söhne’s Invigorating shampoo only for winners, Alpha Males, and Warriors.

2. Head & Shoulders Shampoo

Head & Shoulders (H&S) is an American brand of anti dandruff and non dandruff shampoo produced by parent company Procter & Gamble that was introduced in 1961.

By 1982, it was the “number one brand” of shampoo, and it was noted that “[n]o one hair care brand gets so many ad dollars as Head & Shoulders, a twenty year old brand, and no other brand matches its sales”, despite it being a “medicated” shampoo.

Head & Shoulders Shampoo

Head & Shoulders Shampoo

Since the 1980s, the brand has long been marketed under the tagline, “You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression”, which has been identified as an example of “anxiety marketing” commonly used by Procter & Gamble to drive sales by inducing fears of social consequences associated with the condition that the product claims to address.

In the 2000s, however, sales of the product dropped off, a phenomenon blamed on overextension of the brand into too many varieties, with over thirty kinds of Head & Shoulders being sold. [5] A large number of celebrities have appeared in advertising campaigns for the brand, including Mexican celebrity Thalía, British Formula One driver Jenson Button,  Argentine footballer Lionel Messi and Indian actor Ranveer Singh.

The various active ingredients in Head & Shoulders are selenium sulfide, piroctone olamine and pyrithione zinc.

3. Lipogaine

LIPOGAINE, trusted by people around the world for its incomparable effectiveness, is a leader in providing the best solutions for both men and women to fight against hair loss.

LIPOGAINE, trusted Shampoo

LIPOGAINE, trusted Shampoo

Lipogaine is dedicated to providing high quality and affordable products that truly work. Countless hair loss treatment products promise miracle result but fail flat out and serve to create cynicism and further stress for patients. We never forget that behind each sale is a real person who has placed their trust in us, someone frustrated by hair loss and suffering from a blow to their confidence or self-esteem. We honor this trust by respecting our customers’ concerns, helping them feel better about themselves and offering the best solution and customer support.

4. Clear

Clear is a brand of anti-dandruff shampoo produced by the Unilever group. The brand was launched in 1981 and sold under the Clear name in most certain global countries, it is known as Ultrex in Greece, Linic in Portugal and Pure Derm in India. Until 2010, the product is sold in Thailand under the name Clinic Clear, and Clinic before the early 2000s.

Clear Shampoo

Clear Shampoo

Engineered for men, our 2-in-1 anti-dandruff shampoo & conditioner is clinically proven to eliminate dandruff symptoms at the source with Pyrithone Zinc.* Gently cleanses and conditions to leave hair manageable with a deep clean sensation. Formulated with Bio-Nutrium 10™, a blend of 10 nutrients and botanical actives, including ginseng, tea tree, and natural mint.

5. Dove

Dove is a personal care brand owned by Unilever originating in the United Kingdom. Dove products are manufactured in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey and the United States.


Dove 2-in-1 shampoo

The products are sold in more than 80 countries and are offered for both women, men and babies. Dove’s logo is a silhouette profile of the brand’s namesake bird. Vincent Lamberti was granted the original patents related to the manufacturing of Dove in the 1950s, while he worked for the Lever brothers.