1. Lux Wood

Lux Wood

Lux Wood Watch

Lux Wood watches is one of the world’s most recognized names in high quality wooden watches. This watch is beautiful. It is elegant and simple, and yet rustic enough to appeal to a wide variety of tastes.  It’s light weight and looks really good on his wrist. Great looking watch and quality build. The face is quite large compared to most watches, but it still looks great. Watch looks exactly as pictured. You’ll love the concept of the company and would definitely buy another.

2. Spinnaker


Spinnaker’s Wood Watch

Spinnaker combines the best of two materials, stainless steel and genuine rosewood gives the watch the elegance of wood and the robustness of stainless steel. The watch is designed to mimick the Italian coast of Sorrento, and its vast array of beautiful wooden water vessels. Nice looking design and very fair price. But attractive, and when paired with their affordable nature, automatic movements, and unique qualities, I’ve found myself suggesting them as a great “starter” watch for enthusiasts looking to find something different.

3. Plantwear


Plantwear’s Wood Watch

Plantwear’s watches are replete with features like chronograph subdials, date window, and interchangeable straps. It is crafted from natural walnut and ebony wood, which we have merged with rose gold stainless steel and a distinctive dial design that takes inspiration from old navigational instruments. This is a beautiful watch. We think You’ll deeply appreciate and respect the craft of making this wooden watch, and hope it lasts for many years to come.

4. Ovi

Ovi Watches

Ovi’s Wood Watches

Ovi Watch produces high-quality watches that feature intricate strap and dial designs. This is the watch of choice for the consumer who appreciates top quality accessories.  The uniqueness of each of the timepiece from Ovi Watch and the creativity behind the watches has continued to stand the brand out from the competition. It provides both comforts on the wrist and durability while allowing natural mechanical ease which creates greater comfort and a better fit to the hand. They usually come with calfskin leather straps that make them a versatile companion for any occasion.

5. Jord 

Jord Wood Watch

Jord’s Wood Watch

Jord is a new in the wooden watch market. There are no instructions on how to adjust the band length. This watch is spectacular. It is light weight and easy to read. It came with a bottle of conditioning oil and gives the wood more character once worked in. Great looks, great quality and great price. The natural dark sandalwood is hand finished and pre-treated with tung oils.

6. Original Grain

Original Grain

Original Grain’s wood Watch

Original Grain specializes in combining metal and wood on their timepieces. They have straightforward designs but you can see the artistry in how they mix different elements into one.Each one of our hardwood timepieces is hand tooled to fit each time piece using traditional woodworking techniques, ensuring each watch is unique and no two pieces are the same. The stainless steel construction helps prevent water from seeping into the delicate inner workings of the watch. This is really a piece you pass down from generation to generation. A stunning watch that leaves a lifelong Red Sox fan without words. The thought and care that went into the presentation box is as impressive as the watch itself.

7. Tree Hut

Tree Hut

Tree Hut’s wood Watch

Tree Hut band is sturdy and easy to fit. The design of the face is very simple, but really shows off the beauty of the wood. The pictures online don’t do it justice. This is a great summer watch because it is so light and it matches everything. Their watches have the simplest designs with only slight variations in wood colour and dial markings. For an additional cost, they offer engraving services to personalize the watches you buy from them. The Tree Hut is worth a visit if you are looking into buying a wood watch. It’s very cool and the product image is a true representation of the watch. Putting the strap through the buckle the first time even began to warp the leather. Another downside is that in a quiet room is has a decently noticeable tick of the seconds.

8. Analog Watch Co.

Analog Watch Co.

Analog Watch Co. wood watch

Analog Watch Co. have set out to produce watches that are not a simply copy of their metal and plastic counterparts.  Made with a genuine wood dial which evokes the timeless beauty of nature, and a selection of interchangeable quality top grain leather straps handcrafted in the US. To showcase the simple design, we’ve kept branding to an absolute minimum. Their highly minimalistic watches have no branding and are gender-neutral. The delicate hands move effortlessly along an unmarked face, revealing the wood grain unique to each and every piece.