Scooters are a great alternative to riding a bike or driving a car and there are many inexpensive options now available on the market. For users who love the off-road tracks and finding new routes to explore, a scooter makes an excellent companion. If you are in the market for a new motor, gas powered scooters are a great option. Although they require fuel to run, it’s in no way comparable to the amount spent by larger vehicles. What’s more, they are a fun, sporty and an excellent way to commute around town. For assistance with your purchase, we have compiled this detailed list of the best gas powered scooters available.


The Best Gas Powered Scooter


1. Coleman Power Sports Gas Powered Scooter

Farishta Shop_Coleman Power Sports Gas Powered Scooter

Coleman Power Sports Gas Powered Scooter

With a first glance at the Coleman Power Sports Gas Powered Mini Trail Scooter, you may immediately be reminded of your childhood day spent zooming on a skateboard or watching the neighborhood kids ride by. This design was created to do just that – bring back that nostalgic feeling of childhood. However, with far more advanced features than a skateboard, this gas powered moped can get you around town in a jiffy. It’s simple, recreated look does not take away from this retro-inspired style and it is one of the most powerful scooters you’d find in the market.

The 4 stroke OHV engine features 6.5HP that powerfully drives through trails without hassle. It delivers a smooth, user-friendly operation with a simple pull start application. It may not look it but it packs a punch when in motion. Users who love riding by serene environments or rough off-road turfs will enjoy the beast mode of this gas scooter. The low-pressure tires deliver a smooth and stable experience even on rough terrains. It can be used by adults and teenagers alike who are ready for a fun and thrilling off-road experience.

All the materials used in the make are high quality and sturdy, guaranteeing durability. The tenacity of the sturdy metal frames and the tough viable clutch will deliver years of high-performance. With that being said, the highlight of this gas scooter for adults and kids has to be its fuel efficiency. You will never be limited by frequent stops to refill your tank – this scooter will run all day and burn less fuel.

Key Features:

  • 196cc/6.5hp
  • Strong metal frame
  • Load capacity of 200 pounds
  • Low pressure tires for smoother rides



  • Brand: Coleman Power sports
  • Model: CT200-AC
  • Weight: 144 pounds

2. Mega Moto Gas Mini Bike

Farishta Shop_Mega Moto Gas Mini Bike

Mega Moto Gas Mini Bike

The Mega Moto Gas Mini Bike 80CC/2.5HP was designed and put together with safety as one of their top priorities. The neat and sturdy construction offers a fun, thrilling and safe driving experience. This is a perfect bike for both adventure seekers and smart users who love to run quick errands efficiently. If you live in traffic congested areas, it may be a bit hard to get around with a large vehicle but using this mini gas motor scooter to commute around is amore time efficient and traffic evading option.

The Mega Moto design features an 80CC overhead valve engine with an automatic clutch. Running on 2.5HP, you have the advantage of an uncomplicated operation. It has a large comfortable seat with spring loaded foot pegs to ensure a well-balanced, convenient riding experience. The motorcycle style throttle adds a cool and useful feature to this scooter while still offering the necessary edge and balance needed.

Also included are super grip tires that ensure a smooth and enjoyable driving experience even on rough terrains. With a reinforced welded tube steel construction built to last, be assured of its continued durability. Another aspect to boast about are found in the fenders which are made with polypropylene which prevents the material from denting. However, when it comes usability, the most outstanding advantage of this off-road gas scooter is its easy assembly. The necessary descriptive manual and toolkit is included in the package to simplify installation. It is also important to note that there was a brand name change to Monster Moto Decals and this is what may appear on your scooter.

Key Features:

  • Heavy duty overhead valve engine
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • 23mph
  • No-dent polypropylene fenders



  • Brand: Mega Moto
  • Model: Without Suspension
  • Weight: 5 pounds

3. TAO SMART DEALSNOW 50cc Gas Powered Scooter

Farishta Shop_TAO SMART DEALSNOW 50cc Gas Powered Scooter

TAO SMART DEALSNOW 50cc Gas Powered Scooter

If you’re mainly concerned with getting around town easily, this next scooter may just be for you. The Tao Smart Fully Automatic 50cc Gas Scooter is street legal, which makes it the perfect trip companion. Whether you’re running errands or riding for pleasure, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with this gas powered scooter that can ride up to 35 mph. And as the makers of this efficient scooter are very keen on safety while having fun, they have also added a helmet and trunk is a 49cc/50cc scooter with an engine.

Another plus to this gas scooter for adults is the auto transmission. The automatic feature makes this it quite easy to operate. You are simply required to pull the throttle to move and hold the brakes to stop. There is an electric start option and a kick-start in case the batteries act up. You will always have an available choice and would never have to be stranded. It also makes an excellent choice if you are big on conserving gas – It is also very gas efficient which makes it a great choice to commute to and from work with. When it comes to the braking system, the front and rear tires of this gas motor scooter are suitably large with incorporated steel rims which ensures the durability of the tires and day long stability while driving.

Key Features:

  • 50cc Engine
  • 35 mph speed
  • Fully automatic scooter
  • 100% Approved by DOT



  • Brand: TAO
  • Model: ATM-50
  • Weight: 250 pounds

4.  Mega Moto MM-B80-MG Gas Powered Scooter

Farishta Shop_Mega Moto MM-B80-MG Gas Powered Scooter

Mega Moto MM-B80-MG Gas Powered Scooter

This next gas powered scooter is the perfect gift for your kids during the holiday. It was created as a youth mini bike and although it may not be as thrilling as a gas scooter for adults, it will certainly have your kids entertained all day. The Mega Moto Youth Mini Bike runs on an 80cc overhead valve engine which features an automatic clutch for easier operation for both adults and kids. Additionally, the phenomenal design was made to ensure optimum comfort; with a large comfortable seat and generous allowance, it ensures convenient riding and also includes spring loaded foot pegs that provide a stable platform to place your feet and the motorcycle style throttle gives a cool and yet more functional `twist and go’ operation. This gas scooter also comes built with super grip tires that ensure users enjoy a smooth and stable ride. The tires are also big and sturdy enough to absorb shock on rougher terrains.

Another great aspect of this scooter is the speed. With a 25mph capacity, it is fast enough for kids to enjoy a thrilling ride. However, it isn’t so fast to be a concern for parents. And to add to its’ peculiarity, it’s reinforced with a welded tube steel construction that enhances durability. It also has a polypropylene fender that won’t be subject to dents in the case of a collision. As for installation, it has also been made simpler and comes pre-assembled. Users would only have to attach the handlebars, fill in the oil and it’s ready to go.

Key Features:

  • 80cc overhead valve engine
  • Welded tube steel frame
  • Hand operated cable rear disk brakes
  • Spring loaded foot pegs



  • Brand: Mega Moto
  • Model: MM-B80-MG
  • Weight: 78 pounds

5.  MotoTec Uberscoot 2X 50Cc Gas Powered Scooter

Farishta Shop_MotoTec Uberscoot 2X 50Cc Gas Powered Scooter

MotoTec Uberscoot 2X 50Cc Gas Powered Scooter

Apart from how great and in-form this next scooter looks, it is very functional and the traditional design makes it great for both young and older adults to ride. Off road riders would love this option for its 2-speed gearbox, a new feature that provides power at low speeds and even higher power at top speeds. It also gives the punch you need to blaze through hilly regions and tough terrains.

Being the first of its kind definitely makes this scooter stand out among its peers. The MotoTec Uberscoot 2x 50cc Scooter by Evo Powerboards is a product of great innovative features. It has a 49cc 2 stroke engine with 2HP that packs enough power for off-road tracks and features a front calm link suspension, which is quite different from other scooters in its class. This feature ensures a smooth ride while also providing safe landing after jumps. It is also quite versatile, offering users the option of removing the seat. With the quick release option, the seat can either stay on or be removed for a personalised riding experience. The frame is made from quality welded steel giving you the guarantee of this scooters durability.

The highlight of this off road gas scooter with seat has to be the lock folding. When travelling, going on trips and the likes; safely tuck and lock the scooter in. This allows the scooter to store and travel better and easier. The rims on the tires are custom made forged aluminium for extra style and durability.

Key Features:

  • 2-speed gearbox
  • 11-inch Oversized Knobby tubeless dirt tires\
  • Non-slip adjustable handle bars
  • CNC cut Billet aluminum deck



  • Brand: MotoTec
  • Weight: 71 pounds

6. 50cc Gas Street Legal Scooter TaoTao ATM50-A1

Farishta Shop_50cc Gas Street Legal Scooter TaoTao ATM50-A1

50cc Gas Street Legal Scooter TaoTao ATM50-A1

The 50cc Gas Street Legal Scooter Taotao ATM50-A1 is a great option for those that love a little more speed. It is a more advanced and innovative design fighting for its place at the top of the elite board. Whether you’re commuting to work, looking for adventure or riding around the neighborhood, this scooter brings the fun. With a superior 50cc engine that is fully automatic, users can enjoy an easy operation. This engine readily powers this scooter to run up to 35 mph depending on the preference of the driver.

For off-road riders, speed may be a requirement because of the nature of the roads. An extra punch is needed to race through the bumpy, rocky or thick sands. The automatic transmission ensures you never lose power. However, to prepare users for any situation, there is an electric start and a kick start. In any case where the battery fails to work, users will always have the kick start option. The gas efficient feature ensures this scooter runs for a good amount of time without running low on fuel. This is great for users who go long distances to shop, work or run other errands.

An added advantage for users who love to be street safe is the fact that it’s street legal. You may also be required to carry a drivers’ license along and wear protective gear. To encourage this, a hard head helmet and matching trunk are included in the order.

Key Features:

  • 50cc engine
  • Fully Automatic Transmission
  • 35mph Capacity
  • 100% Approved by DOT



  • Brand: Tao
  • Model: TAO TAO
  • Weight: 225 pounds

7.  SAY YEAH Gas Scooter

Farishta Shop_SAY YEAH Gas Scooter

SAY YEAH Gas Scooter

Not everyone is a pro at riding scooters. They may be a lot easier to ride than motorbikes, but still need skill to enjoy the full operational benefits. The Say Yeah Gas Scooter is great for ages 13 upwards and it runs on one of the most powerful motors in the industry. An air cooled, EPA approved 2 stroke engine powerfully runs this scooter at up to 25 mph. With a centrifugal transmission, users pull start to get the motor powered on and the gas tank has a capacity of 1.25 litres and the scooter is quite fuel efficient.

Another plus to the Say Yeah scooter is the appropriate speed control. Users are given the power to adjust the speed levels for themselves depending on how fast or slow they’d prefer to go. This off-road gas scooter was designed for optimum comfort. With a generously sized and padded seat, users enjoy the comforts of delightful riding. The seats can also be removed to provide extra versatility, and have the option of either sitting or standing to ride – not forgetting the large 11” pneumatic Knobby tires built for practically all terrains. Whether driving safely on the pavements, or enjoying the thrills of the off-road tracks.

Key Features:

  • Detachable seat
  • Heavy duty 49cc motor
  • Brake and turn off bar on handlebar
  • Pull start engine



  • Brand: SAY YEAH
  • Weight: 70 pounds

8.  Dirt Dog – Black – 49cc Gas Powered Scooter

Farishta Shop_Dirt Dog - Black - 49cc Gas Powered Scooter

Dirt Dog – Black – 49cc Gas Powered Scooter

The Dirt Dog Black 49cc Gas Powered Scooter [510] runs on a powerful 49cc engine. This allows users to ride up to 22 mph depending on the user and the road type. For extra speed, a 37mph can be achieved if some certain upgrades are applied. The dirt dog scooter will have you stirring up the mud on off-road tracks with its amazing new features. This includes an automatic clutch for easy operation for users that love stunting.

The bike handles are a bit wider which offers more stability. They also provide a directional and back and forth adjustment while the dual sport tires are made for off-road tracks; large, durable and shock resistant. Suitable disc brakes enhance safety and work better for prompt stopping and with convenient twist throttles, you can easily rev up and go. Another great feature of this gas scooter is the foldable form; the handle bars can be foldable to make it easier to store and travel.

Key Features:

  • Dirt bike style bars
  • 49cc gas engine
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • Front and rear disc brakes



  • Brand: Dirt Dog
  • Model: ScooterX
  • Weight: 54 pounds

9. TAO SMART 50cc Gas Fully Automatic Street Legal Scooter

Farishta Shop_TAO SMART 50cc Gas Fully Automatic Street Legal Scooter

TAO SMART 50cc Gas Fully Automatic Street Legal Scooter

This final product featured on our list is yet another scooter from Tao Smart. The Tao Smart 50cc Gas Fully Automatic Street Legal Scooter features a bright red colour for those who love to be daring and with a 50cc engine, it’s powered to up to 35 mph. You could probably push that to 40 mph depending on the road and who is driving.

The plus side to this scooter that many users would enjoy is its fuel conserving feature. Once the tank is full, you won’t be rushing back to the gas station anytime soon. What’s more, it is DOT approved and comes with safety helmets to ensure safe-riding. With the right registered documents, you should be able to drive this anywhere around town without trouble. Better yet, it is a fully automatic scooter and you can power the engine by twisting the throttle.

Further features include the disc front brakes and rear disc brakes which are both incorporated for prompt and timely stops. Disc brakes fare better in performance when compared to drum brakes and they are definitely a safer option. However, remember that you will need a driver’s license to ride this around town. Although last o hour list, it’s fair to say that this scooter certainly lives up to its expectations.

Key Features:

  • 35 mph
  • DOT Approved
  • 30-Day warranty
  • Included safety helmets



  • Brand: TAO
  • Weight: 250 pound

Best Gas Powered Scooters Buyers Guide


We have gone through some of the best gas scooters in the market. There are a few tips that would help in making the right pick tailored to your preferences.

Farishta Shop_Scooter

What to Consider When Buying a Gas Powered Scooter


  • Who will be riding the scooter

It is important to consider who you are buying the scooter for. If it’s for the kids, a safer and relatively slower scooter would do. Fast enough to still be thrilling but not so fast to cause any concerns. If it’s for an adult, check the weight capacities and the specs you’d prefer.


  • Where will the scooter be ridden

While some scooters can be driven on off-road tracks, others are fit for commuting around town. The Taotao scooter is a street legal scooter that should be ridden preferably on tarred streets.


  • Fuel efficiency

If you will be using this scooter to get around much it is important to consider the fuel capacity. If either you or your kid won’t use it much, then fuel efficiency may not matter much.


  • Seat capacity

Some scooters like the black Taotao scooter allows more than one person on the scooter. If this feature interests you it is important to check which scooters accommodate this function.


Who Should Buy a Scooter?


Q: How is a scooter different from a motorcycle?

Motorcycles have better acceleration and would generally go a lot faster than a moped/scooter. A scooter operates at lower speeds but can still be used for stunts. It is easier to ride and great for beginners.

Q: Do I need a license to drive a scooter?

This depends on the state you live in and the size of the engine. Scooter engines with 50cc and below may not have to be registered. You may however need a drivers licence.

Q: How fast can a 50cc scooter go?

50cc scooters generally have the maximum speed of 35-40mph. Heavier users may go slower than the aforementioned speed.

Q: Do I need to wear a helmet when riding a scooter?

It is highly recommended that users wear helmets while riding bikes, mopeds or motorcycles for safety reasons.

Farishta Shop

Our Top Pick

The Coleman Powersports Scooter is great for outdoor enthusiast, kids and adults alike. It is an extremely reliable choice with one of the most powerful engines you’d find in the market.




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